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Acts and legislation

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Water Industry Act 2012 (SA), Complaints against energy and water suppliers Water
Water Industry Regulations 2012 (SA), Water Swimming pool fences
Water Resources Act 1997 , Natural Resource Management
Whistleblowers Protection Act 1993 , South Australian Ombudsman Public Interest Disclosure Act Public interest disclosures The employee's duty of co-operation, care, and fidelity
Wilderness Protection Act 1992 , Nature Conservation Wilderness Seizure and destruction of cats
Wills Act 1936 , Does registering our relationship automatically revoke a previous will? Wills Who can make a will? Valid wills Signing and witnessing a will Changing a will Registered relationships, marriage and separation Updating a will Cancelling a will Re-starting a will Invalid wills Getting a copy of a will Partial intestacy and lapsed gifts
Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA), Breach of statutory duty Safety legislation State Courts
Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012 (SA), Safety legislation
Worker's Liens Act 1893 (SA), Workers Liens
Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1986 , Transitional rules