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Child Support Help

 For advice and information telephone 8111 5576 

We offer a complete service to payers and payees in relation to all child support and maintenance issues, including providing independent legal advice in relation to:

  • Changes to the Child Support Scheme
  • Paternity disputes & DNA testingFor child support advice and information telephone 8111 5576
  • Completing Department of Human Services - Child Support forms
  • Changing your Child Support Assessment
  • Child Support Agreements
  • AAT Appeals in Child Support Matters
  • Court Applications and Responses
  • Adult Child (Over 18) Maintenance (where the adult child is completing their education or has special needs)
  • Overseas Child Support and Maintenance Issues
  • Spousal Maintenance

Initial contact is provided by a free, confidential, telephone callback service, and a free follow-up interview can be arranged where required. The services of an interpreter can be obtained if necessary. Appointments can be conducted at the Adelaide office of the Commission or by telephone.

Further assistance (subject to means and merit tests) can be provided for clients whose matters require legal representation.

This service is part of the Family Law Practice Division of the Legal Services Commission and has no connection to the Department of Human Services' Child Support branch.

Contact us via Facebook

We utilise Facebook to promote our child support services and provide an online point of contact, enabling clients to contact us for advice or to arrange a return call from our helpline at a more convenient time to the client.


Contact us for child support help now via our Facebook page:

Or you can contact the Child Support Unit via email here.