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Law Student Programs 

The Commission offers two programs in which law students can participate:

Summer Clerkship Program


The aims of the Summer Clerkship program include:

  • assist law students to develop professional knowledge and skills within a legal environment
  • encourage law students to consider a career in the legal assistance sector, and
  • provide the Commission with the opportunity to recruit suitable, trained and qualified Indigenous and non-Indigenous lawyers.

About the Summer Clerkship Program 

The Summer Clerkship program is a structured program which includes training and development, as well as placement within each of the Commission's practice areas (Criminal Law, Family Law, Access Services) and other areas such as the Grants team. Students are supervised and supported throughout the program. Summer Clerk positions at the Commission are paid positions.

We typically offer four Summer Clerk positions, at least two of which are prioritised for Indigenous law students. Indigenous and non-Indigenous law students are encouraged to apply.


Summer Clerkships normally commence in the last week of January each year. The program is offered over four weeks, on a full-time basis.

The dates for the 2019 Summer Clerkship are 29 January 2019 to 22 February 2019 inclusive.

Application Process

Applications for the 2019 Summer Clerkships are now closed.

We usually commence recruitment for the Clerkship in the preceding July. We advertise the opening of applications on our Careers page, and universities are also notified. Applicants must use the specified application documents.

Selection Process

We use a combination of telephone and face-to-face interviews for short-listed candidates. We usually complete the recruitment process by October.


Please direct enquiries to HR officer Lisa Moore at

Practical Legal Training Program

About the PLT Program

Students are able to complete a Practical Legal Training placement (PLT) with the Commission as part of their Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (GDLP). 

We offer placements for 6 weeks (225 hours), full-time, four times a year. 

The dates available for PLT placement in 2019 are as follows:

  • 8 April to 24 May
  • 3 June to 19 July
  • 5 August to 20 September
  • 7 October to 22 November

We do not have scope to provide placements which are broken up in to smaller blocks, and spread over longer periods of time. For example, we cannot provide placements 2 days a week over 15 weeks.

PLT students are placed in accordance with any identified area(s) of need in the Commission; and the aim of providing a quality placement experience. This may include placement in one or more of the following areas:

  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  • Access Services

As we endeavor to provide a comprehensive experience students may also be provided with opportunities in other teams, such as Grants.

Application Process

Only students who are currently undertaking their PLT/GDLP are eligible.

If you would like to undertake your PLT placement with the Commission the first thing you should do is advise the student work experience placement coordinator at your GDLP provider. We have an arrangement with each GDLP provider in SA whereby they collate applications from interested students and forward them to us for consideration. If you apply directly to us for a PLT placement, we will advise you to contact your work experience placement coordinator first.

Selection Process

We select students for PLT based on the written applications that the GDLP providers forward to us. We do not conduct interviews for PLT placements.


Please direct enquiries to HR officer Lisa Moore at