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Handbook Contributors

The Law Handbook continuously builds on the work done in the original Legal Resources Book (SA) first published in 1981 and successive editions of the Law Handbook published in 1988, 1991, 1995 and 1999. We would like to thank and acknowledge the many people who have given their time and expertise to produce the Law Handbook over the years, including (in alphabetical order):

Liz Ahern (legal aid services), Melissa Ballantyne (Environment, Local Government and Planning), Judith Bannister (Copyright), Paul Bear (Banking), Julia Bidstrup (Consumers and Contracts), Graeme Borrett (Community titles), Lana Chester (children and crime and children at risk), Rob Croser (Child Protection), Ray Frost, (Wills, Estates and Funerals), Narelle Egan (Child Support), George Hatzirodos (Employment, change of name, Debt, effects of criminal convictions, Motor vehicle accidents, traffic offences, powers of attorney, consumer credit, consumer protection, Neighbours, privacy and FOI and Housing), Catherine Hinwood (Discrimination), Richard Murray (criminal injuries compensation), Adrian Hunt (legal aid), Catherine Irving (Community Organisations, domestic partnerships, health, domestic violence), Industrial Magistrate Stephen Lieschke (Worker's compensation), Michael Lutt (Accidents on land, Accidents involving animals), Greg Mead SC (Prisoners), Katherine O'Neill (contracts, discimination), Rosemary Owens (Legal System), Franca Petrone (alternative dispute resolution), Former Deputy State Ombudsman Megan Philpot (state ombudsman), Member Residential Tenancies Tribunal Pat Patrick (private tenancies), Simmone Price (Complaints, migration, children's rights), Sue Raymond (legal profession), Margaret Riley (Centrelink), Graham Russell (Family Relationships), Jill Rutherford (privacy and FOI), Danielle Smith (Buying a home), Nicholas Swan (Defamation), Christopher Symes (commercial organisations), Dianne Broughton (how to find the law, time limits), Pat Tragauer (Bankruptcy), Darryl Trim QC (Defamation), Tony Wainwright (Complaints against police), Mary Walters (Litigation Assistance Fund) and Joseph Wearing (WorkCover). 



The Law Handbook Project team

Current researchers and writers: Amanda Stone, Julia Bidstrup and Lauren Modra