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Using this Website

Moving around chapters and topics

When you click on a chapter you will see a list of topics.

At the end of each topic you will find navigation options that allow you to move backwards and forwards to the next or previous topic. The name of the next and previous topics headings are underneath the back and forward button.

Example showing navigation options

Do you have a question?

On the menu bar at the left of screen and at the bottom of each topic page there is a Table of Contents, Acts and Legislation and Search pages link. There is also a Search option at the top of the Home Page menu bar.

  • The Search page allows you to type in keywords or phrases to search across all areas of the site. Matching pages are ordered by relevance.
  • The Table of Contents page gives you an overview of the chapter and section headings, and allows you to jump to any section you find interesting.
  • A searchable Glossary of legal terms.
  • Acts and Legislation referenced are separately listed with links to the sections in which they occur.

Related items

Related Items can also be found at the bottom of each topic page with lists of additional resources that relate to the topic being discussed.