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Appeals and Complaints

Appeals from Refusals of Aid

Where an application for legal assistance is refused or granted subject to conditions, the applicant may, within fourteen days after receiving notification appeal against the decision. The applicant's lawyer or other professionals assisting the applicant may provide a letter in support of the appeal. The Commission's Client Relations Coordinator may also be able to assist clients with appeals. The appeal is initially reconsidered by the grants officer and if the original decision is upheld, it is referred to the Commissioners. If the client's circumstances have changed, then it may be worthwhile to reapply for legal aid.

Aid to other parties

A party who alleges that another party is ineligible for legal aid funding may write to us providing such information as they consider relevant and we will look into the matter. Please direct this correspondence to the Client Relations Coordinator. We will acknowledge receipt of your letter. However, due to the confidentiality provisions, we are not at liberty to provide you with any confirmation or otherwise of the matters alleged or the outcome of any investigations. We cannot disclose any information about another person’s situation.


If anyone has a complaint about the Commission, they can contact the Client Relations Coordinator on (08) 8111 5596 or by email to

The Client Relations Coordinator can also provide assistance in lodging appeals against refusals of aid and help to identify other sources of assistance.