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Community Legal Education: What’s it all about?

We work to help people feel more empowered when it comes to getting legal help.  We aim to contribute to the knowledge held in different communities about people’s rights and responsibilities under Australian law. We want all people to have access to accurate, relevant, and timely legal information.

Community Legal Education for Young People and Workers: What we do

We help young people, teachers and community workers understand the law and how it can affect them. We help young people to know their rights, understand their responsibilities and navigate confidently through the legal system, knowing when and where to ask for help and further advice.

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We deliver community legal education that is relevant and in a style appropriate to the needs of young people, teachers and community workers. We can visit your organisation, school or group to give the information you need.  We’ll run community legal education sessions in tin sheds, classrooms, on ovals, staffroom kitchens, back porches, council chambers, and community halls.  For more information or to book a session, see our Legal Education Sessions page.


We provide legal education resources for use in schools, social services, and community settings. See below for more details.

For information on how to arrange a free community legal education session, or information on how to access our resources and publications, please see below:

Legal Education Sessions

Factsheets and Publications

Trusted Moments

Past Programs

For enquiries about the program please contact or telephone (08) 8111 5573

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