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Community Education

Our Community Legal Education team undertakes a wide range of educational activities to promote an understanding by the public of their rights, powers, privileges and duties.

Ensuring that the law and the legal system are accessible is a cornerstone of democracy and is essential to the effective functioning of our justice system. Information about the law is important for several reasons:

  • Every member in a democratic society has a need and responsibility to be aware of their rights and responsibilities and of the rights of other members in that society.
  • People who come in contact with the legal system may not be aware of their obligations or where to get information about their situation.
  • Knowledge about the law can help people better identify the kind of legal advice or assistance they may require.
  • Having access to information about the law and how to access legal and other resources in the community can be especially important to people who are disadvantaged.

Key Programs

For information about our education and training services, please contact our CLE team at