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Children and the law

For tailored fact sheets and other information see also our Young People pages here.

Generally, a child is a person under 18 years of age.


There are five main State Acts that specifically deal with children.

As well, there is the Commonwealth Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child to which Australia is a signatory.

To locate topic based information, please use the table below.

Topic/s Chapter/Section
parental responsibilities Children and Young People, Child Protection, Parental rights and duties
physical discipline Children and Young People, Child Protection, Physical discipline
legal age to babysit Children and Young People, Child Protection, Legal age to babysit
leaving home Children and Young People, Child Protection, Leaving home
medical treatment Medical Treatment and Related Issues, Children under 16 years

body piercings


body modification

Criminal and Traffic Offences, Tattooing, body modification and body piercing
taking or defending legal action Court - Suing and Being Sued, Children and civil claims
parental liability Accidents and Injuries, Children and negligence


young offenders

Children and Young People, Young Offenders
cyber stalking and cyber bullying Criminal and Traffic Offences, Stalking, cyber stalking and cyber bullying
graffiti Criminal and Traffic Offences, Graffiti
victims of crime Victims of Crime, Children and young people
child sexual assault Criminal and Traffic Offences, Child sexual assault
entering into contracts Consumers - Contracts and Credit, Who can make a contract
employment Employment, Young Workers
driving Criminal and Traffic Offences, Driver's Licences, Learner's Permit
sex and relationships Children and Young People, Sex and relationships
alcohol, tobacco and other drugs Children and Young People, Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs
gambling Children and Young People, Gambling
weapons Children and Young People, Weapons
education Children and Young People, Education
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