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Donation of a body

In South Australia, human bodies may be willed for use by students of the medical schools of Adelaide and Flinders Universities.

To bequeath one's body involves providing full details and completing the appropriate forms which may be obtained by writing to the Professor of Anatomy at each of the universities. Under the Transplantation and Anatomy Act 1983 (SA) a notice may be published in the press stating that a deceased person has bequeathed her or his body to the University if the deceased person had formally consented to such publication during her or his lifetime.

The University of Adelaide takes all responsibility for the burial of bodies accepted under this arrangement and such burial is arranged in consecrated ground at the Hindmarsh Cemetery. There are no direct costs incurred by the deceased, unless transportation from outside the metropolitan area is involved, or if relatives wish to have a private burial or cremation after the remains leave the University.

If a religious ceremony is to be held, it is usual for relatives to arrange for this prior to the remains passing to the University.

Donation of a body  :  Last Revised: Thu Nov 13th 2014
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