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Dumping rubbish

Anyone who puts any rubbish on land without the owner's or occupier's consent or without some other lawful authority, is guilty of an offence. Landincludes roads, streets, other public places and private land.

Maximum penalty: $750

[Summary Offences Act (SA) s 57(1)]

Whether or not a fine is imposed, the court can order an offender to remove the rubbish within a certain time and, if it is not removed, the offender is liable to a fine of up to $125 and may also be ordered to pay compensation to the owner or occupier of the land for the cost of removing it [Summary Offences Act (SA) s 57(2)-(3)].

In addition to the above, there are penalties under the Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act 2016 (SA) – for further information see Litter Control.

Dumping rubbish  :  Last Revised: Tue Jan 31st 2017
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