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Complaints against Judges and other judicial officers

Complaints about Judges, Magistrates, and other judicial officers can be made to the Judicial Conduct Commissioner.

The Commissioner is independent from both Government and the Judiciary and is appointed under the Judicial Conduct Commissioner Act 2015 (SA) [s 7].

Complaints must be about the conduct of a judicial officer, and not merely about being unhappy with a decision that they made [Judicial Conduct Commissioner Act 2015 (SA) s 12(2)].

Complaints must be in writing and must contain details about who is complained about, who is the person complaining and the matter that the complaint relates to [s12(5)].

People who have been declared to be vexatious under section 39 of the Supreme Court Act 1935 (SA) are not able to make a complaint to the Judicial Conduct Commissioner [s 12(2)].

For further information about what the Judicial Conduct Commissioner can and can not do, and the process of dealing with complaints, visit the Judicial Conduct Commissioner website.

Brouchures are also available on Making a Complaint about a Judicial Officer, and Interpreting Services.

Complaints against Judges and other judicial officers  :  Last Revised: Tue Apr 16th 2019
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