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The Legal Services Commission of South Australia provides         FREE LEGAL HELP


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Do you have a legal problem?

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It is important to ask for help quickly. Don’t wait.

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We can help you with free legal advice.


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Call our Legal Help Line:

1300 366 424

You will be charged the cost of a local call. If you call from a mobile it will cost more.


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The Legal Help Line is open Monday – Friday between           9AM – 4.30PM.



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The Legal Help Line can be busy some times. Please wait. Your call will be answered as soon as possible.


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Our lawyers will listen to your story and explain what you can do.

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You can also talk to a lawyer at our office.

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We can give you an interpreter if you need help.




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Legal advice is private. We will not tell your story to anyone.

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Bring any letters or forms to your appointment.

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Our lawyers are also at Court to help people who have not talked to a lawyer yet.

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We also help people to learn about the law.


Looking for more information? You can read the Law Handbook on the internet.