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Lawyers often seem to take a long time to handle work, although in some cases this is not their fault, rather it is the result of the complexity of legal proceedings. Often delays are caused by other parties, or problems in getting matters heard in court because of a backlog of court cases - a particular problem in family law matters. However, there are instances where it is the lawyer who is at fault. It can be difficult for clients to judge whether lawyers have provided poor quality work. In such cases it might be useful to raise the matter with the senior partner of the firm or the Commissioner might be able to conciliate the matter (either formally or informally) by contacting the lawyer directly and explaining the client's concern over the slow progress of the case.

Where there is serious delay causing damage or loss to a client, the client may be able to sue the lawyer for negligence.

Delay  :  Last Revised: Tue Jan 20th 2015
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